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Codea Tutorial?
  • Sorry, i'm just a beginner in lua and therefore in codea, and i'm german (Austria), so i dont understand the englisch Tutorial inside the app wich is Written in a very complicated Way :-? Does anyone know a German tutorial Page for lua? I'd Love to programm something in lua!!! But the only Thing i Managed is a Little man ( i made him with the sprite() function ;) ) appears where i Touch... And i drew some houses... But its all :( i Need this Page! (i know some pages, but they dont explain Things like: "self.anythingIDontKnow" or "function init() " or how to create cind of a Button)

    Ps: i wrote this in english because everyone in this Forum wrote in english :">

  • Hah, thats exactly tha Page i know ;-) But it doesnt help me in creating Buttons, and Buttons that move Things and all the Otter stuff i wanna do ;) but thanks for your response!!!

  • BortelsBortels
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    There is no built-in way to create a button - yet. You'd need to draw it yourself with a rect() or ellipse(), then look for touch events where you drew the button.

    As for tutorial sites - maybe (I don't know how well google's translator will work on technical documents). Good luck!

  • Also there is some information here that you can translate with google since it's not in the app

    Some of the in app documentation is here

    Though I think it is for the prior version. It may be missing some commands.

  • Thank you, this Page is very useful. But why Cant i Open some files? There is always an error... "this Content is private". Ok, but how can i See this content? I Need it!!

  • I believe only the prior versions of the web pages are private. I cannot see those either.