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Who know how to use entity.worldRotation in craft? It returns nil

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Is there any tips of using entity.worldRotation?

When I try to print it, it returned nil. When I try to set a value, nothing happened. At the same time, entity.rotation is ok.

Test code:

function setup() scene = craftSceneInit(false) viewer =, vec3(0,10,-20),5, 10, 20) local k = 1 e1 = scene:entity() e1.scale = e1.scale * k local m = craft.model(asset.builtin.Blocky_Characters.Man) e1:add(craft.renderer,m) print(e1.worldRotation) e1.worldrotation= axis2quat(30,1,0,0) print(e1.rotation) end function update(dt) scene:update(dt) end function draw() update(DeltaTime) scene:draw() drawAxis(scene) end function axis2quat(a,x,y,z) local w = math.cos(math.rad(a)/2) local x = math.sin(math.rad(a)/2)*x local y = math.sin(math.rad(a)/2)*y local z = math.sin(math.rad(a)/2)*z return quat(w,x,y,z) end function craftSceneInit(day) -- Create a new craft scene local scene = craft.scene() -- 设置使用天空盒 if day == true then sunny = readText(asset.builtin.Environments.Sunny) else sunny = readText(asset.builtin.Environments.Night) end local env = craft.cubeTexture(json.decode(sunny)) = env = vec3(0,180,0) -- 场景本身光照 scene.sun:get(craft.light).intensity = 0.4 scene.sun.position = vec3(0, -10, 0) scene.sun.rotation = quat.eulerAngles(45,0,45) scene.ambientColor = color(88, 107, 222, 255) -- 设置场景摄像机的一些基本参数 = vec3(0,0,0) = vec3(0,0,0) return scene end function drawAxis(scene,pos,unit) local l = unit or 1 local pos = pos or vec3(0,0,0) local o,x,y,z = vec3(0,0,0),vec3(l,0,0),vec3(0,l,0),vec3(0,0,l) -- 绘制坐标轴 scene.debug:line(o+pos, x+pos, color(255,0,0,255)) scene.debug:line(o+pos, y+pos, color(0,255,0,255)) scene.debug:line(o+pos, z+pos, color(255,255,0,255)) end


  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    @binaryblues it looks like a bug in Craft that is missing the binding to expose worldRotation. I have fixed it and it will be available in Codea version 3.2.2

  • Posts: 113

    @Simeon thank you for the rapid response! It will be very helpful for me! :)

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