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tab stops different between my two iPads

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On my old iPad, the auto-tab after e.g. function foo() is three spaces. On the new one, it is four.

Whazzup with that, please?



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    @RonJeffries - what are the relative screen dimensions of your two pads?

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
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    My iPad 1 has 4 spaces between tabs while my iPad Air 3 has 3 spaces between tabs.

    iPad 1
    y    y    y    y    y    y    y
    iPad Air 3
    y   y   y   y   y   y   y   y
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    wtf, over.

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    Has there been a change in default font for Codea, monospace versus proportional?
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    i don't know, that's why i'm asking. @Simeon ?

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
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    On my iPad 1, Codea version 1.5.5 (21), when I key the numbers 1 thru 30 and key the alphabet under it, the letter z is under 26, which is mono space. The same thing happens on my iPad Air 3, Codea version 3.2.4 (232). But if I key the same thing here, the letter z is under 23, which is proportional. So the Codea letter spacing is the same from my iPad 1 to now. As for the tab spacing, it changed from 4 to 3 from my iPad 1 to now.

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    I'd like to know a) why it's different on different same-size iPads, and b) how to make it be the same. Both iPads are fully up to date.

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    @simeon I know this is trivial but can you please take a moment and explain what's making my two iPad pros (one newer) have different tab stops in the editor? And is there a way to make them the same?

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