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IslandCamper - Design Your Island (Working Title)

edited January 22 in General Posts: 142

Hello everyone,
since around January of this year I’ve been working on a „life simulation“ game. While there are still a lot of things I’d like to add, I’m confident enough with the game’s current state to share a first trailer. I hope it's fine to use the forum for this. The game was entirely programmed using Codea with all assets (sprites, music) being created on an iPad. :)

You start on an uninhabited island and cut some trees to gain the resources you need to build a shovel and a watering can. By planting and harvesting your first crops, you earn some money, which you can then use to purchase a fishing rod or a net. This gives you several possibilities to earn money, which you desperately need for decorations such as benches, fences, mailboxes, chairs and streetlights or plants like flowers, bushes and trees that embellish your island.

The main features are:
1. -Start on an abandoned island and design it however you like using flowers, bushes, trees, palms and a variety of such as chairs, tables, benches and fences
2. -Grow and harvest crops or plant fruits trees to earn money
3. -Catch and collect different species of insects and fish to complete your encyclopedia
4. -The game is tied to the system clock, which means that crops and trees grow in real time. You can plant and water them, then leave the game and check back later. Moreover, the game features a day-and-night cycle. I’m still trying to find a good balance
5. -A dynamic weather system changes between sunny, cloudy, windy, rainy and stormy. When it is rainy, torches and bonfires don’t provide light at night. However, you don’t need to water your crops. Depending on the weather, the wind, which impacts all plants, might be lighter or stronger
6. -You can interact with some your island’s decorations

Planned features:
1. -Smaller tasks as well as long term goals for the player to complete
2. -NPCs for tutorials and challenges
3. -Ability to enter and design your tent
4. -More decorations

Here is the trailer I made, I would appreciate any feedback :)


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