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Version 3.2.10(252)

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@Simeon - oddity here, ran Codea and updated Dropbox assets. Returned to options screen then tapped to get projects list. The screen refused to respond to touches - couldn’t load a project. Had to drag up to close Codea. Restarted but still same problem, then tapped on new project and got the usual response. After that ran OK. Suspect it may be related to an issue with Dropbox.


  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
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    @Bri_G I’m running version 252 and haven’t had any issues at all. I wonder if the problems are related to the number of files you have. I think you mentioned in another discussion that you had a lot of files.

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    @dave1707 - yeah, I alluded to that in the post. Probably limitation on numbers - hence suggestion of mapping or paging
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    @Simeon - @dave1707 - a demo I have been putting together recently uses files from Dropbox. Most of those files loaded without a problem but some didn't. I suspected it was a fault in those files. After playing around moving files etc I discovered that the problem is path length. Dropbox claim they have no limit - so, is there a limit within Codea/iPadOS?

    Also, the asset system effectively abbreviates the true path - is there any way to measure the length of the true path from within the system?

    I was getting errors that there was an asset problem - this has probably been there for some time.
  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
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    @Bri_G What is the name of your longest file you were having trouble with to see how long it is. Maybe there’s a 256 byte length limit on the total path. I don’t know and never ran into that problem.

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    @dave1707 - the path was made up of a path link and folder then file from array like:


    path = asset.documents.dropbox.modelShip

    mod = craft.model(path[dir[num]data[num])


    where dir is the directory of the file and data is the actual file name drawn from the two respective tables

    With folder name of shipVersion01
    filename transporter_hull.obj

    But I had to put the text in the data filename as


    As I have mentioned before with the problem of not seeing the file unless textual filename formatted as above. It works with shorter files. Taking about 8 or 9 characters out of the dir and data text by renaming gave a positive result.
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