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I want to gripe a bit, in a good cause, making Codea better.

Codea adds powerful new capabilities like Craft and Shade and others. These invite the creation of large and interesting Codea programs.

But Codea's basic programming facilities are at best rudimentary. There's no refactoring at all, not even smart rename of a class and class tab at the same time. Even Find/Replace barely works. There's no reasonable organization of tabs, though I understand this is coming. There's not much ability to use separate libraries, though this is at least possible. Unit testing is supported only by an unsupported add-on. (I could help with that.) Asset management is weak, given the power of the Files capability that Apple has finally given us.

It's a bit like having a shop full of NC Lathes and Drill Presses and such, but no measuring tools or hammers or screwdrivers.

I humbly suggest that some attention to the basics would be of great value. I'd be delighted to offer feedback, and within my limits, actual work. I might be able to assist with documentation, at least.



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    @RonJeffries - I think that a major upgrade to Codea is in the pipeline so many of the issues you raised may be resolved in it. I have found some of the recent changes a little frustrating with editing changes, but I find Codea the best outlet for my need to program.
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    Oh I love it. I've written at least 200 articles about it. I just want it to get better for real work.

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