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Flow chart

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I'm looking to get a better understanding of codea, and flow charts are the way to go...
I'mtryingto start with a small PGM, like the average of 3 numbers...Soon I'd like to be able toput all of my codea PGM's into flow charts, i have a screen shot of one here, mabey someone could take a peek and see if and what i did wrong, dont laugh, i just started and havent got my roll on yet... :) :smile:



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    I'm not a big fan of flow charts here in the 21st century, but they can have value sometimes. I think one improvement to this one is that I/O operations usually have a different shaped box that beginning and ending boxes, and operation boxes. And decision boxes are diamonds, I remember that ...

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    @kendog400 - funnily enough I have been looking at flowchart software recently. I have used them a lot in the past. But, my interest was in packages which take code and generate a flow chart from it - largely to outline complex or unfamiliar code to better understand it.
    Normally I would build my own using mind mapping software.
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    @kendog400 Its been years since I’ve created a flowchart, like almost forever. But looking at yours, it’s too simple. Just an example, you should have a box where you zero a total variable. Then a box where you input a number, a box to add that number to the total. A decision box to see if the number of inputs was less than 3, more than 3 or 3. Then flows and boxes depending on that decision. In other words, a good flow chart should show every step that needs to be done, corresponding to almost every line of code. A good flow chart should be a guide for someone who doesn’t know anything about what the program is going to do, but then can write the code line by line and have it work when they’re done. But then that depends on how informative you want your flowcharts to be.

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    thanks, everyone...i made a few already, of some simple PGM's from the fourm, i dont if any one wants to take a peek...i'll start with simple pgm's far i've been getting pgm's off the fourm and making wild changes acting a fool..but now i wantto step up my game...

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