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Soda life raft

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I was unable to get the latest version of Soda working.

I happen to have old versions of Soda and the Soda tutorial, so I want to share them with anyone interested in this amazing project.

They’re only one version behind I think (0.7 instead of 0.7.1), and they still work very well.

(also, of course, the zipped projects have icons!)



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    I accidentally left a readImage() command in both projects, making them launch with unresponsive black screens.

    I removed it from the Soda v0.7 project and that one should work now, but the Tutorial is having trouble still. Will try to fix.
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    @Simeon can you give some clues about this? As you can see I have SODA selected as a dependency but the error message says I don’t.

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    @UberGoober - oooh, that's an error in a form that I haven't seen. Looks like it might mean the integrity of the file is in question or the file format had changed since the last publication. I think I have a copy saved so I'll try it out
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    @UberGoober - found and installed Soda, re-arranged the tabs got it to run, using inbuilt demo, but on running fired up an error after showing background screen. Haven't even tried the dependency yet. Not do I know which version it is. Any ideas?
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    @Bri_G I had similar problems and that’s why I posted an old version of soda here as a zip—which gave cause to name it “Soda life raft”.

    I posted 0.7 above, and I think the current version on the website is 0.71.

    Maybe try my zip and tell me if it works for you.

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