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Adapting Old Shaders For Craft Models

edited May 29 in Codea Craft Posts: 1,278

Hi I thought I’d make a new thread in case anyone wants to join in the fun.

The current attached project has Craft versions of these built in shaders;

  • Blend
  • Invert
  • Ripple
  • Mandelbrot

And also a modest demonstration of a motion-generating shader, but it’s kind of boring. I’d love it if someone could suggest a shader that moves vertexes independently in some interesting way.

please help: you’ll notice the shader completely replaced the spaceship’s colors and it just looks like a white moving blob. I tried putting the motion shader at index 5 on the model but that was super glitchy. Help!



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    @UberGoober Looking good! How about a water shader for motion? A gentle wave effect or something? It’d need a plane with a good number of subdivisions but could look good.

  • edited May 29 Posts: 1,278

    @Steppers that sounds cool — ya got one?

    I’m not able to write shaders myself, but I am learning how to adapt existing ones for use with Craft, so if you know an existing shader I can adapt I’m all over it.

    Also — can you help with the spaceship?

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    @UberGoober Nope unfortunately not, I thought you’d written them :smile:

    Ah, that’s what that is, I thought it was a cloud! I could take a look later.

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