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Ignatz’s dogfight, never before collected here, now directly as a zip!

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I found this in the forums, and this project is simply amazing, very cool and very small and a marvel of concise coding.

I put the assets together, and fixed a couple legacy-syntax bugs, and it flies like a dream.

I also changed some save destinations, so that now when it downloads images from the web, they go in your Project’s own assets, instead of trying to save to Dropbox—not everyone has Dropbox set up!

Only problem is slowdown whenever I fire the guns: anyone got a fix for that?


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    @UberGoober - just tidied up a few asset warnings. The music ones may not transfer as they were labelled as downloaded.

    The file is too big to transfer - any other way I can get it to you?

    As requested - hope this works as music links are downloads.

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    @Bri_G that’s a nice thing to do.

    Delete all the assets except Prop2, SkyDome, and the sound effects, then export.

    The game uses http calls to retrieve the other assets.

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    @Bri_G this is what I see when I try to import the zip you attached.
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    @UberGoober - yeah that's what you asked me to leave in.
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    @Bri_G um but it’s not in a project ... ???

    I’m not sure what the confusion is here but here’s the simplest thing, I think: download my zip above again, open it but **don't run it**, copy your changes into it, re-export it, and attach it here.

    Running the project is what puts those extra assets into the project.
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    @ubergoober - I know what you are trying to do. I'll follow your suggestion, the music files could be the issue - post later.
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    @Bri_G the music files aren’t the issue, afaik, because they’re included in my original zip.

    If you took out all the files I suggested, why can’t you just export the project as a zip and attach it here?

    That should be almost exactly the same size as the original zip, I think, which is well under the size limit.
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    @UberGoober - try this out, wasn’t as easy as I thought - some illogical expressions needed. But - it works for me.

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    @Bri_G i’m so confused. I thought you were just working to clear out the asset warnings? When you say “illogical expressions” are you talking about concatenating strings in a weird way or something?

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    @UberGoober - yes, I think it was something like (asset.."O.IMG") which is old and new concatenation.
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