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When is Codea 4 coming?

edited June 2 in General Posts: 139

I’m really eager to see Codea 4, particularly for the new hierarchy structure. Right now using Tabs is a big headache since i’m the type of coder that likes to go back and forth between files and make sure my parent/child relationships are correct. Maybe there’s two things i’d like to see, a tree view of my files and also the ability to put files side by side (panes). As a minor note, it’s a bit annoying that currently as i scroll down my files the Tabs on top disappear and i have to scroll up to get them to come up again. Will these workflow obstacles be changed with Codea 4’s hierarchy? When will we get our first look and hands on of 4?

P.S. it seems that the tabs disappearing and having to scroll up is an issue when using the Apple Pencil and small keyboard


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    the fact that tabs have to be in define-before-reference order (sometimes) makes reordering tabs tricky. i wonder how I'd feel putting all the declarations of classes (or whatever) first ...

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    @RonJeffries thats not a bad idea, but would probably lead to confusion for shared code, i might try it out on my own project

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