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We have a clearLocalData, and a clearProjectData. However I could not help but notice there is no clearGlobalData.
Can we use clearProjectData to clearGlobalData or must we delete an entire project to do so?


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    This previous discussion may help you.

    If you know what keys are already in Global storage, I believe you can clear them by setting their value to nil.

    In versions after 1.4.1, you'll be able to listGlobalData() as a first step to clearing keys by setting their values to nil.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    Thanks @mpilgrem, that is correct. Version 1.4.2 and later will allow you to list the keys in global data and nil them out. It's just taking a long time for version 1.4.1 to be approved, so we haven't been able to submit 1.4.2 (or whatever it ends up being called when 1.4.1 is approved).

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