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Codea Tutorial

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While lots of sample code is provided with the App and there is an active forum, I wasn't able to find a collected set of tutorials on how to use Codea. For experienced programmers it isn't too tricky to pick up (though you do need to learn a new programming/scripting language - Lua). I suspect though, that a lot of folks using Codea will be starting out and this may be their first venture into the exciting world of coding. I have found that the best way to learn is to do something, so I will start with developing some classes which you can use in your own programs. I will then port across a game that I wrote for the XBox in C# and show you how to submit it to Apple (and hopefully get it approved) for distribution on iTunes.

As a developer I have been impressed by the amount of code that people have been willing to share to make my life easier. This is my attempt to give something back to the community.

The first tutorial is out now at

Comments and suggestions on topics to cover or ways to improve the tutorials are very welcome. I don't purport to know everything about anything.



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    Thank you. I will be following along, as I am definitely a beginner.

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    That a pretty nice intro, nice job!

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    Good job! I have small problems with Codea.

    If you will write 5 - 6 tutorials, I will learn something from you.

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    Hi all - Tutorial 2 is up now. It covers drawing rounded rectangles as the foundation for buttons and the first step in building a menu class that you can reuse in your programs. I find a menu is normally one of the first things that you need. If there is anything else specific that you would like covered then let me know.

    I appreciate the feedback - thanks.

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    I've also had a peek - nice work, @Reefwing!

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    Hi @Reefwing,

    Glad someones picked this up and working through the bases. Very polished website - keep up with the humour.

    On the button code mentioned - I have a problem with using the lines for rounded corners. The width and height you provide to the function can be massively different from the width and height you want - you have to play with the parameters to get what you need. I used the other approach you might like to consider - see this code:

    It includes the addition of text and a style naming.



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    @Fred - Thanks.

    @Bri_G - Cheers Dude. I will check out your button code and mention it in the next tutorial. It is always good to have a few ways to skin the proverbial cat. Are you ok with me including some of your code on my site and linking to your discussion (with attribution of course)?

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    Nice work Reefwing. Thank you for taking the time to do this. Looking forward to see more of your tuts.

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    Hi @Reefwing,

    Yeah, no probs with that. It's always good to see alternatives as it shows different ways to produce packages that the users need. As long as it's done steadily, and logically, it to avoid confusion.

    I'll be visiting your site regularly to see what I can pick up - always learning, and have a long way to go yet with Lua and Codea.




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    Thanks @Bri_G - stay tuned.

    I have updated Tutorial 2 on rounded rectangles to include a discussion on the 3 screen modes and using parameter to tweak the variables to see what happens.

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    Very nice, @Reefwing. Thanks for creating such great resources.

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    @Simeon - happy to contribute. Let me know if I get anything wrong.

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    Tutorial 3 - Creating a Button is now up.

    As always comments and suggestions welcome.

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    Grazie per il grande lavoro Reefwing
    Elvio - Alessandria Italy

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    . @Elvio2 - Siete i benvenuti

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    This my url contains an index of Codea and Lua sites...

    Thanks for your work.
    Elvio - Alessandria - Italy

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    grazie @elvio

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