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physics categories and mask

edited August 19 in Bugs Posts: 172

i noticed that categories and mask have a bug

they are suppose to be through 0,1,2,…,15 but 0 and 1 behave as if they are the same categories

so basically if you put category 1 on a body and mask 1, and 0 for another body, they will still collide


  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    edited August 19 Posts: 9,441

    @skar @Simeon It doesn’t matter if category is 0 and mask is 1 or category is 1 and mask is 0, it still collides. Surprised this wasn’t found years ago or maybe a recent update broke it.

    After checking Codea on my iPad 1, it appears something broke this. In version 1.5.5 (21), they don’t collide with 0 and 1.

    Everything on the iPad 1 is really slow compared to now. Can’t imagine using it now for anything large.

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