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How do I insert a 3D model from online into Codea?

The title should tell you what I’m asking for. I’m trying to make a game, and I want to use my own custom models as characters and stuff, but I don’t know how to import them into Codea. Could someone please give me some help on this topic?

Thanks :)


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    @Creator27 - you can place them in the Codea root and they should be visible in the documents viewer. Or, you can load it in from Dropbox or possibly iCloud using the asset addressing system. If you want to isolate from documents you can add a folder there and place your model there. The models I use are all obj/mtl/png. Codea is supposed to be able to use ply but I never got it to work.

    Use something like

    Model = assets.documents.model
    Model = assets.documents.folder.model
    Model = assets.documents.dropbox.folder.model
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    @Creator27 - forgot to ask, what model types are you making?
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    @Creator - you should have no problem with an obj/mtl/texture model provided all files are present in the same folder and are all correctly addressed. Are the models ones you've built? If so what package do you use to make them.
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