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Message to all "Newish Codea Coders"

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My impression (and it may be no more than that) is that we've had a fair few new people joining this forum in the last few months. Some are completely new to coding, some new to coding with Lua, and some seem to be churning out fantastic code samples at the drop of a hat. It's great to see everyone helping each other out and sharing their code and experiences.

I'd like to remind everyone of the existence of the wiki. There's some great code scattered about in the forums, but it's hard to find there. We have wiki pages for linking to code - it can even just be a link back to a discussion on this forum where the code is, no need for gitbucket or bithub if you don't want. It also doesn't have to be actual code - there's plenty of space for things like "If you want to do X, try doing Y", and tutorials (and links to tutorials).

The wiki has been a bit neglected of recent times, but the great thing about a wiki is that it is easy to organise stuff. So if you have a code snippet, or you see someone else's code on the forum, be extra specially nice and throw a link to it on the wiki. It makes it much easier for others to find it.

The wiki is at



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    Hi Andrew,

    I've been putting a few small routines in a 'small demo' thread. Do you think it would be worthwhile adding those links to the Wiki?

    Further, are we restricting the Wiki entries here to links - what about images or videos?



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    No restrictions! I merely said links to show that it's not necessary to expend much effort. Your demos would be an excellent addition.

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    Hi Andrew,

    Just added another section in there, with a single routine - will add others later. Tried to tidy the general format of the page - hope it is OK.

    If you want me to add other routines, from other authors I will, as long as they are happy to do so.



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