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Importing Fonts

Is there anyway to import a custom font into Codea to use??

Thanks :)


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    unfortunately no, you can install fonts in your ipad and then use them in Codea but the font will not transfer over to a different device if you publish or share your project

    i got around this by making my own bitmap font class and using sprites of my font letters

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    @Creator27 - like @skar I tend to use text fonts from within the iPad library for development. Then when I am finishing of the project, if I need a graphic boost on the fonts I use one of the drawing packages I have to create a more stylised finish - such as a header etc and the use the sprite command to display them.

    An example of that is the NoNo project I posted recently, when I finish that I have already made graphic buttons and header.

    If you need a ‘textable’ font you may be able to find a package to create it and install it on your iPad. Something I haven’t needed yet so I haven’t pursued it.

    Edit: - found a link, might help ….

    How to Instal Fonts on iPad

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