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3D Collision Detection

Is there anyway to accurately detect if a rigidbody has collided with another rigidbody?? If so, what would be the smartest thing to code?

Thanks in advance :)


  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    Posts: 9,441

    I don’t think there’s a collision function like in 2D, at least I haven’t seen one. But you can calculate the distance between 2 bodies, subtract their size to see if they’re colliding.

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
    edited September 5 Posts: 9,441

    Here’s one way of doing it.

    viewer.mode=STANDARD function setup() assert(OrbitViewer, "Please include Cameras (not Camera) as a dependency") size=1 fill(255) scene = craft.scene(), 62, 255, 255) skyMaterial.horizon=color(99, 255, 0, 255) scene.sun.rotation=quat.eulerAngles(20,45,-30) createObjects(), vec3(0,0,0), 30, 0, 200) end function createObjects() sphere1=scene:entity() s1=sphere1:add(craft.rigidbody,DYNAMIC) s1.restitution=1 sphere1.position=vec3(0,5,0) sphere1:add(craft.shape.sphere,size) sphere1.model = craft.model.icosphere(size,2) sphere1.material = craft.material(asset.builtin.Materials.Specular) sphere1.material.diffuse=color(255,0,0) sphere2=scene:entity() s2=sphere2:add(craft.rigidbody,STATIC) s2.restitution=1 sphere2.position=vec3(0,-5,0) sphere2:add(craft.shape.sphere,size) sphere2.model = craft.model.icosphere(size,2) sphere2.material = craft.material(asset.builtin.Materials.Specular) sphere2.material.diffuse=color(0,0,255) end function draw() update(DeltaTime) scene:draw() calc() end function update(dt) scene:update(dt) end function calc() x=math.abs(sphere1.position.x-sphere2.position.x) y=math.abs(sphere1.position.y-sphere2.position.y) z=math.abs(sphere1.position.z-sphere2.position.z) if x<2 and y<2 and z<2 then print("hit") end end
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