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How to Apply A Toon Shader To A 3D Craft Model?

How do you possibly apply a cel/toon shader to a 3D model in Codea?

Thanks in advance :)


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    @Creator27 - you are a busy coder. Pardon my ignorance but what’s a cel/toon shader. Can you point us to a reference?

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    @Bri_G, here’s a link that’ll show you what a cel/toon shader is:

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    @Creator27 what kind of 3D object are you applying it to, a mesh object or a Craft object?

    There are jillions of examples of shaders for mesh objects on the forum, so if you found a GLSL shader you like somewhere, it should be very easy to figure out how to modify it to work with Codea.

    If you want to apply it to a Craft object, it’s trickier—not only is the format a lot different, as of now there’s at least one essential shader feature (variable buffering) that we apparently can’t access through code at all (or at least the devs go silent about it every time I ask ;) ), so it may not even be possible, but theres no way to say without code to look at.
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