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shortcuts and templates

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today i did a trivial iOS shortcut that creates a function definition on the clipboard and then opens codea, where, if your cursor is already in the right place, you can paste it in.

Codea has project templates, which are nice for starting a project with whatever random stuff you like to start with.

It would be interesting if there were a few ways of creating passable templates or better hooks for shortcuts. i wonder, though, whether there's enough large-scale organized use to make it worthwhile. i can think of a few things i'm like to be able to better automate.

i suppose codea 4 is using up all the creative juices now? but maybe folks have ideas that could be done readily? discuss?




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    I like the idea in theory but in practice what I think would speed me up most is better detection of classes and variables for auto-completion.

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    I find that my progress is not very dependent on my typing speed. It has more to do with how quickly I can write tests and produce correct code that passes them. When I don't have tests, my bugs tend to be deeper, for two reasons. First, when using tests to drive my code, I take smaller steps, and bugs show up immediately and are therefore usually in the last few lines I wrote. Second, relatedly, when problems are found later, there has been more new code written, and thus the search for the problem is wider and deeper, slowing me down.

    YMMV, of course.

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    Ah, so you’d make a shortcut to lay out a test function.

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    yes, that's an example. i should say, i don't think it'd get /heavy/ use, even from me. but a simple kind of dictionary from phrase on menu to text file could maybe do it. dunno.

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