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Playing with two-stick controls on “Froggy”…

edited November 12 in Codea Craft Posts: 1,547

Added the gravity-less version of the Voxel Walker to the ‘Froggy’ demo.

It’s worth checking out just because it’s kind of fun to fly around the whole landscape as the cars go by.

It breaks the game though. I had to interrupt the existing touch controls for the dual-joysticks to work.

I’m not sure where to go from here, but it seems like there’s potential for something fun…



  • edited November 10 Posts: 1,547


    The right joystick now controls the motion of the little dude, but it’s kind of janky because it also still controls the camera direction.

    I haven’t figured out how to separate them yet.

    Still kind of fun though.

    Note: this version contains an updated VoxelWalker project, too. So if you already have that installed you might want to delete it and use this one. It’s the same one on the VoxelWalker thread, though, so if that’s your current version you can skip it.

  • Posts: 1,547


    Now there’s a toggle in the upper right to switch between controlling the camera position and controlling the hopper.

    .zip includes the most up-to-date VoxelWalker (renamed “Dual-Stick Voxel Player” because “Walker” doesn’t really fit anymore).

    It’s still fighting with the existing camera settings a bit, so the whole thing’s still a bit janky, but it’s much more playable than before. Try it out! And feel free to modify it however you want!

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