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Can't use sprites in Dropbox folder

edited July 2012 in Questions Posts: 3

Hello there

I'm stumped, I can't figure out how to render sprites from my Dropbox sprite pack. I can see the images (jpeg) I put there and synced, I can select them with the picker, but they won't render.


sprite(myImg, WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2)

I get the following error:
error:[string "..."]:18:bad argument #1 to 'sprite' (codeaimage expected, got nil)

This works perfectly with any of the other sprite packs.

What am I missing?



  • Posts: 791

    I had a similar problem with jpegs - rendered as a white box. I have a feeling only png files are natively supported by codea. Have you tried a png?

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    Thanks West, that did the trick. It did cross my mind, but I couldn't believe it. Should have tried before posting the question :-S

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