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Is it possible to create a function that clones an entity at runtime?

I’d like to add this ability to my utility belt, but I can’t think of any good ways to make it happen. The closest I’ve been able to get is instantiating a new entity in the active scene, and then assigning it a type. However, I’d like to clone an entity in its current state including all the components. Is such a thing possible in craft 3? Thanks!


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    Nothing built-in by the look of it, sorry.

  • JohnJohn Admin Mod
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    @arismoko Cloning isn't possible at the moment but it is something that I've been working on in Codea 4, which uses a new entity component system. This is mainly to support things like prefabs, searialisation, etc...

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    My own entity component system wrapper is coming along fairly well, so I’m really happy to see your taking Codea in this direction! I think it’s half possible currently with just lua and some clever uses of tables, but i’d rather wait for a proper solution.

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    in my own system, cloning would essentially be creating a new GameObject with the same components as the other one, pulled from the data source that instantiated the original, if i needed to copy the state i would loop through the states of each component using the other GameObject as the reference and set them

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    I just use a table to define the template object, and then create a function to spawn and apply the variables to the spawner/emitter. This works really well for particles, but not much more than that.
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