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Mágica Gems source code



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    I'm happy to report things, just let me know when I get annoying.

    With regard to instructions, what I'm missing most is a feel for the extras in the game. I get the basic idea: move a block to get at least three next to each other and then those will vanish. But there seems to be more "features": sometimes more blocks will vanish and I find it hard to believe that that's always due to other 3s being formed. On the 1-minute, sometimes I get a time bonus (I found out a bit more by reading the App store description on that one!).

    So basically, whilst I'm enjoying the basic game, I have a feeling that there's a bit I'm missing and that I'd enjoy it even more if I understood that.

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    Try to guess while I draw the instructions :-)

  • Great game juaxix !! I'm looking forward for the spanish tutorial (Vivo en Madrid ;;) ). And, is there any promo code left? Thanks in advance.

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    Hola @kateltecnico, lo siento pero los codigos son para usuarios plenamente activos de este foro, crea nuevos e interesantes temas y hablamos :-)

    For people interested in the tutorial , check this out!!

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    New Game updated available right now!
    Bugs fixed

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    I updated and now when I run the program then I get the title screen and after that it goes black.

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    I have the same problem as @Andrew_Stacey

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    I deleted it and reinstalled and then it worked fine.

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    Uhm, this is a problem with the Codea cache, when you get the first version it copies the code to the Documents folder to buffer it quickly, but with an update you will need to empty that cache via force coded in Obj C... Interesting

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