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Just a silly idea

edited January 16 in General Posts: 16

So, (as designers) we have these two ever present elements to think about (or ignore). Two things that are in every project regardless of its intent. I’m referring to the “split-view” ellipses at screenTop, and the white line at the bottom.

Just occurred to me, “why design ‘around’ the problem when I can make use of it”.

I propose using them as a focal point, intentionally. My first idea is to spotlight them with the use of Easter eggs. I’ll have the ellipse emit particle effects, and a stick man walk along the white line.

And since I can count on those two elements not changing anytime soon, I can get more and more creative with it over time. Not to mention () these effects could work well as a “non sequitur” event in any project.

Just a side thought.


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    Did you put your thought into action? How'd it go?

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