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A few questions

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In order of importance...

1) How do I determine when the enter key is pressed on the keyboard?
2) Is there any way to store a table in the LocalData or is it just single variables?
3) Why doesn't codea support 1 interchangeable with true and 0 interchangable with false?
4) Does everyone else experience the same thing as I do with multi-line code? (The coloring gets messed up, usually just all black, and I sometimes see some of the same text in two spots)


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    1) I think it generates a "\n" key event

    2) Only single variables, numbers and strings. I'd suggest using json to store tables (here's a lib:

    3) isn't that just how lua works? Don't think this is codea specific

    4) yes. TLL is aware but apparently hard to fix on their side. I think @Simeon mentioned somewhere the new iOS makes it easier to fix.

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
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    If you mean the return key on the iPad, then this works.

    function keyboard(key)
        if key == RETURN then
            print("return key pressed")  
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    I have added this page about RETURN to the wiki.

  • Thanks guys this was exactly what I was looking for. Especially the function keyboard(key), I was unaware that that existed :)

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
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    Here is an ASCII chart showing the supported characters and their values. Also, you can press any key and get the character, decimal, and hex value for that key. Hope this helps anyone unfamiliar with the keyboard function.

    -- Ascii chart and key values supportedOrientations(PORTRAIT) function setup()     displayMode(FULLSCREEN)     showKeyboard()     cval="char ="     dval="dec  ="     hval="hex  =" end function draw()     background(30,30,30)     textMode(CORNER)     text("ASCII CHART",200,950)     text("PRESS ANY KEY",600,950)     text(cval,600,900)     text(dval,600,850)     text(hval,600,800)     z=0     textMode(CENTER)     for y=1,16 do         for x=1,16 do             xx=20+x*30             yy=950-y*40             fill(255,0,0)             text(z,xx,yy)             fill(0,255,0)             text(string.char(z),xx,yy-20)             z = z + 1         end     end           -- re-show keyboard if hide keyboard key is pressed       if CurrentTouch.x > 650 and CurrentTouch.y < 100 then          showKeyboard()     end end function keyboard(key)     if string.byte(key) == nil then         cval="nil"         dval="nil"         hval="nil"         return     end              cval=string.format("char = %s",key)     dval=string.format("dec  = %3d",string.byte(key))     hval=string.format("hex  = %02X",string.byte(key)) end
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