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Rapid creation and destruction of voxel volumes causes crash

in Bugs Posts: 1,795

@John, @Simeon, Rapidly creating and destroying voxel volumes crashes Codea on my iPhone 8.

Example code is below, also included as a project in attachment.

Slide the slider back and forth quickly to cause a crash.

function setup() scene = craft.scene() parameter.integer("resetter", 1, 8, 1, function() clear() generate() end) generate() end function clear() if volumes then for _, entity in pairs(volumes.entities) do entity:destroy() end volumes = nil end end function generate() volumes = {} volumes.entities = {} for i=1, 4 do local newEntity = scene:entity() local newVolume = newEntity:add(craft.volume) newVolume:resize(256, 128, 256) table.insert(volumes, newVolume) table.insert(volumes.entities, newEntity) end end function draw() scene:update(DeltaTime) scene:draw() end
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