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Toggle Switch

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Has anyone created a toggle switch to use in the full screen viewer. I currently just use the parameter to switch between easy and hard mode.



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    The code below is my first attempt at a toggle-switch class. It works by swiping horizontally across it, and then it calls the event onChanged:

    Toggle = class() function Toggle:init(centreX, centreY, value, onChanged, parent) self.d = 30 self.rect = { l = centreX - self.d * 1.5, b = centreY - self.d/2, w = self.d * 3, h = self.d } self.rect.r = self.rect.l + self.rect.w self.rect.t = self.rect.b + self.rect.h self.value = (value == true) self.onChanged = onChanged self.parent = parent self.touchId = nil end function Toggle:draw() local l = self.rect.l local b = self.rect.b local r = self.rect.r local t = self.rect.t local h = self.rect.h local d = self.d local deg2rad = 2 * math.pi/360 local cx1 = l + d/2 local cx2 = r - d/2 local cy = (b + t)/2 pushStyle() ellipseMode(CENTER) rectMode(CORNER) noStroke() fill(127) ellipse(cx1, cy, d) ellipse(cx2, cy, d) noStroke() rect(cx1, b, (cx2 - cx1), h) -- This is my attempt to render two semi-circles. -- It is not perfect, but I've not yet found a better -- result stroke(255) lineCapMode(PROJECT) strokeWidth(5) local ox1 = cx1 local ox2 = cx2 local oy = cy + d/2 for a = 15, 180, 15 do local dx = d/2 * math.sin(a * deg2rad) local dy = d/2 * math.cos(a * deg2rad) local x1 = cx1 - dx local x2 = cx2 + dx local y = cy + dy line(ox1, oy, x1, y) line(ox2, oy, x2, y) ox1 = x1 ox2 = x2 oy = y end line(cx1, t, cx2, t) line(cx1, b, cx2, b) textMode(CENTER) font("HelveticaNeue") fontSize(17) textWrapWidth(0) noStroke() if self.value then fill(0) text("ON", (cx2 + cx1)/2 - d/2 - 1, cy - 1) fill(255) text("ON", (cx2 + cx1)/2 - d/2, cy) ellipse(cx2, cy, d - 4) else fill(0) text("OFF", (cx2 + cx1)/2 + d/2 - 1, cy - 1) fill(255) text("OFF", (cx2 + cx1)/2 + d/2, cy) ellipse(cx1, cy, d - 4) end popStyle() end function Toggle:touched(touch) local x = touch.x local y = touch.y local state = touch.state local id = local l = self.rect.l local r = self.rect.r local b = self.rect.b local t = self.rect.t local d = self.d local rsq = d*d/4 local cx1 = l + d/2 local cx2 = r - d/2 local cy = (b + t)/2 if (state == BEGAN or state == MOVING) and not self.touchId then if self.value then distsq = (x - cx2)*(x - cx2) + (y - cy)*(y - cy) else distsq = (x - cx1)*(x - cx1) + (y - cy)*(y - cy) end if distsq <= rsq then self.touchId = id self.touchOldX = x self.touchOldY = y return true end return false end if state == ENDED and id == self.touchId then self.touchId = nil if math.abs(y - self.touchOldY) < self.d then if self.value then if (self.touchOldX - x) > self.d * 3 then self.value = false if self.onChanged then self.onChanged(self) end end else if (x - self.touchOldX) > self.d * 3 then self.value = true if self.onChanged then self.onChanged(self) end end end end return true end return not (not self.touchId) end

    This is an example of its use:

    function setup() local f = function (sender) print("Toggled to "..tostring(t.value)) end t = Toggle(WIDTH/2, HEIGHT/2, false, f, nil) end function draw() background(0) t:draw() end function touched(touch) handled = t:touched(touch) end
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    I getting an error on line 8.

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    I have copied the code above from the forum back into a new project, and I do not get an error. Can you be more specific about the error you get?

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    nvm it worked. Probably copied it wrong. It looks great. Just wish you could toggle it back to off

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    You should be able to toggle it to and fro by swiping in the relevant direction each time. The swipe has to pass through the white circle for the switch to 'capture' it.

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    @mpilgrem - groovy. It's interesting that in your example f can refer to t before it is defined. Lua must have some sort of two pass process when converting to bytecode. I didn't know you could do that.

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    I have made some minor changes to the code above. The init() function did not need to return self and I intended the event to be called with self as the sender.

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