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Mesh anti-aliasing shader

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Hi peeps,

I'd like to add anti-aliasing when drawing meshes. I've read a bit about how multisampling works, but I'm unsure whether I should try to incorporate this in a shader in Codea.

So I'm wondering if anyone with some more experience can answer:
- Is there a built-in way to use multisampling antia-aliasing in an OpenGL shader in Codea?
- …or should I write my own implementation?
- …or should I use a completely different approach on anti-aliasing instead?


  • JohnJohn Admin Mod
    Posts: 790

    @Kjell we haven't exposed multi-sampling in Codea (it tends to be slow and the high density displays make it hard to notice aliasing anyway)

    You can do a fullscreen post processing style AA pass though; maybe something like this:

    Basically it applies AA as a post processing step by rendering the screen to a texture then feeding that into a shader that gets drawn on top as a fullscreen quad

  • Posts: 84

    Thanks, good to know! I’ll have a look at your suggestion, but as you mentioned, the aliasing isn’t as noticeable as I thought would be.

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