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on close

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does anyone remember what the call is for when codea is about to close?


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    It’s willClose() :smile:

    (bottom of ‘Display’ docs page)

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    @skar @steppers - just a little clarification please - why do you need a function like willClose() ?
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    @Bri_G Autosaving games is what immediately springs to mind for me.

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    @Steppers - thanks for that, kinda obvious really. Never thought about the need but nice to know it’s there.

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    yes, but for me i found i need this when i enable my repositioning mode, this allows me to change the location of my in game assets by dragging them around, if i
    forget to disable this mode and then close the project, i want all the new locations to be saved to a tab

    i’ve made this mistake a couple times now where i reposition things and then close the project, only to open it back up an realize i didn’t save any of my new positions

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    @Simeon on that note, it looks like willClose and saveProjectTab do not work well together always causing a crash, sometimes saving the data

    function willClose() saveProjectTab("Test", "local test = {}" ) end
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