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Easy project backup to Dropbox!!!!

edited July 2012 in General Posts: 34

Haven't found this anywhere else so here it is.

To backup a project to Dropbox, simply duplicate it and name it "Dropbox.spritepack/'your project name' "

Then go into a project and sync your Dropbox folder,and you are done! You now have a backup copy in the cloud.

Sadly there is no way to retrieve it from codea, but atleast you have a copy somewhere.

Hope this helps someone else, it's a life saver for me.

I only hope that one day there is a plist entry for project locations ;)



  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 5,441

    I find it pretty amusing that this works :)

  • Posts: 563

    tricky - I have just been copying the project and mailing it to myself. It would be great to have a Codea option where this happened automagically (and even better if you could retrieve it).

  • Posts: 34

    Just a quick update since the last update 1.4.3.

    Using the "Dropbox.spritepack/" update method now saves a version in the dropbox folder AND the main user docs. NOTE at this point your only sending a copy to dropbox, the version in your docs folder doesn't get backed up after duplication.

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    does this hack still work?

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