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Tutorial 9 - Dependencies & Libraries

edited July 2012 in Examples Posts: 563

It wasn't clear to me how exactly the new dependency feature worked in the latest version of Codea (1.4.3) so I thought I would have a bash at throwing a library together and using it in a project. I have freely borrowed code from TLL, @Vega and @Bri_G in the library.

You can download a copy of the aptly named RSLibrary from:

In case anyone else is curious I also whipped up a quick tutorial on the use and abuse of dependencies at Links to downloads of the individual tabs in the Library are also available in the tute.

I'm assuming that whether you have one big library or a bunch of small ones, the resulting compiled program is the same size (i.e. unused code is ignored by the compiler).

This is very much terra incognita, so I would appreciate any thoughts on library content and structure.

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