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Nothing impressive, just me being dumb.

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Everytime I learn something new or fix a problem thanks to the help of the wonderful people here in the Codea forums I'm going to put them here:
(Btw, it stands for "confessions of a codea noob")

So I guess if your new to coding and your interested in being treated like a newborn as a trade-off to learning stuff I've learned then congrats, you can go here!

Or you can go to a site that's done by someone who actually knows what they're doing!:



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    Sharing is the best way, that's a great idea.

  • Did you know your the first person to answer my first post? Just something I 'membered. I think highly of you, @Vega and @Reefwing (probably more but you guys are the only ppl who's names I remember)

  • Uber basic For loops tutorial up

  • I like basics, and clear explanations! Thanks!

  • sweet! A compliment! Yup my "noob to not-so-noob" site starts today! Soon 10 year olds will be coding! Whoo!

    Okay, done talking :)

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    Nice tutorial!

  • Another one! My god who's paying you guys to lie?? Lol, jk.
    Yeah I remember when someone showed me how to make tiled backgrounds using a bunch of for loops and I did not catch on 'til waaay later so this seemed like a place to start.

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    @RichGala1 - teaching is the best way to learn. Testify!

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