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  • Is made in java by the way :-D

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    This is a good project for YOU to do. No one here is just going to code games for you, bro.

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    Sorey I'm bad at lua :-((

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    I'm will do game pixel art for your game's if you want :-D

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    My Game Name: MonsterBoy In Lost Time

    Level and art link:

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    Any video?

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    No is jess the art for now :-((

    Next week?

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    Any Youtube video of the Java game to see it here?

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    Sorry i can not...

    Can you do it the download is on the first post. [-O<

  • You're pointing to some 10 years old Java code by David Brackeen. You show us some game art by Carl Olsson. You're bad at Lua.

    I have to ask: "What is your function in this forum?"

    (Like Vinnie Jones asked "What is your function in life?" in Survive Style 5+, but I might get slapped by Simeon for this impoliteness.)

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    Ok I will not publish my code X(

    And the game art is for public demos X(

  • JohnJohn Admin Mod
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    If Connorbot999 didn't actually write this code and is passing it off as his own, while still asking for people to port it to Codea for him, I think you have every right to call him out for it. I'm somewhat disappointed to be honest. I always assumed Connorbot999 was well meaning but had difficulties with English which caused a lot of misunderstandings.

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