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Performance issues after converting to Xcode

edited August 2012 in Questions Posts: 1

We have a game app that we developed using codea and it works nearly perfectly on the device but when we convert to and XCode project it suffers from severe performance problems (screen flickering, slow animation response, etc...) Can anyone suggest what we might look for here.


  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    edited August 2012 Posts: 5,417

    Are you running in the simulator? Because it's going to be slow in the simulator (especially retina). That's just the nature of the way the simulator works (screen flickering and tearing is especially noticeable).

    If you are experiencing these issues on your device, it might just be that it's running slower in Debug mode (which is the default build type for non-archive and profile builds in Xcode).

    (Note that all OpenGL apps are very slow in the simulator, not just Codea. Even UIKit is quite slow in the simulator on a powerful computer, in retina resolution.)

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