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I need help making a faster way to draw this...



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    Aaah. :-) I was going to suggest using the char.png file in the folder ;) or (if this works) go here char

  • Holy crap!!!! Man, I told myself I was going to sit down and learn about the physics engine one day! Tht's freakin' awesome!

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    I barely know it! Who thinks someone out there should write a tutorial on it?

  • can physics be applied to sprites/meshes? and if not, do physics objects only affect each other or can a regular rect() stop at an edge?

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    You have to apply them yourself, but it is pretty simple to do so. No, physics are in their own world. And you have to create floors and walls in there.

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    Notice my ellipse(self.player.position.x, self.player.position.y)? That is applying it to a shape

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    Sometimes it's easier to learn from a step-by-step tut than an example like the physics lab so I agree that there should be a good tut. @Vega 's mesh tutorial was illuminating, if someone can make a physics tut like that it would be great

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    @RichGala1, what do you say about us working together, learning about the physics function, and writing it up?

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    what do you say about us working together, learning about the physics function, and writing it up?

    Sounds like a brilliant idea. Do it!

  • Sure, no college for a few days so we can totally work on that.
    Hey, how do you have an if clause where you say that something is not equal to whatever it is your comparing?
    I thought it was ~= but I don't think so anymore because it doesn't work.

    local bod = bodies[math.ceil(touch.x/32)][math.ceil(touch.y/32)]
    if bod not == nil then

    something like that (there was a bug)

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    I don't think destroy() deletes the variable, the variable is still a body, it just doesn't interact with its surroundings, so I think body:destroy() then body == nil should do the trick. Lemme guess, you are fixing the bug where if you tap an empty area it crashes?

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    yes :P
    But for future reference, is there a way to do what I was trying to do?

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    Well, unfortunately, I have to go assist my aunt, so I may be unavailable for a while. (I could still operate off my phone, but no code would be tested. X()

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    I had a problem with the drawing speed for a game I was making. I got around it by drawing the tiles onto an image object, then displaying the image every frame instead of drawing each tile individually.

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    @floppy_gunk how much time did you get this way? Is it possible to grab the diplay buffer to copy it?

  • Meshes were actually the best way to go for my project as I needed to be able to destroy individual tiles

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    Do not create minecraft create a new game using more mobs and more items.

    As in this junk jack hackd(2d minecraft)

    Download link:

    Hire is Sum sprites me and my frend rapped up yesadawe for this progete tested on a

    hackd veshon of junk jack(2d minecraft)

    Download link: Link Removed

  • wow that's a lot of stuff :)
    I'll be sure to implement what I can as I progress

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    Hi guys,

    Please don't post links to the Junk Jack art assets. They are copyright and the developer put in a lot of hard work to make them for his game. I've removed the link.

  • oop, busted. Lol, that's okay

  • No that's a my texture pack for my for my texture pack installer. :)

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