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Tab Order

edited November 2011 in Code Sharing Posts: 143

As my code grows in size, I find the automatic ordering of tabs and how that interacts with running the code increasingly awkward.

Would you consider allowing manual ordering of the tabs?

What I find myself doing is starting in the Main tab and then creating new tabs for classes needed by Main, and then new tabs for code needed by those tabs and so on.

If new tabs always were inserted after the current tab and the tabs were read from last to first, I'd hardly have to reorder the tabs at all. But having the facility would be really helpful as I refactor the code.


  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 5,024

    Okay so the optimal automatic ordering would be: new tabs inserted after current tab.

    Manual ordering is something I want to add, just need to create the UI animations to support it. And add the data into the project plist.

    I have been thinking about code evaluation order, and have been trying to come up with an automatic system. It's a tricky problem.

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