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    @christobiz added. Thank you for contributing.

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    Hey, I am an engineer who has been making novel translations from English to Turkish and I have started programming recently. I will gladly contribute in the Turkish translation as I see it as an opportunity to understand Codea better.

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    Any english speaker (or any other language as well) can help me to review the text of the press release for the physics game?

  • I'm about to work on Czech.

  • This topic is still active?

    I would hone my writing skills and translate the Dutch version further.

  • Yep, I wrote a mail to the developer and he said the "translate project" is still active.

  • @justPlaying

    Thank you to share this information!

  • I speak Arabic

  • I agree with this completely, but agree also with the others that looking into this and making a big deal of it (20+ languages or something) may be a little too time-consuming for its worth. Since the code itself is in English, a basic understanding of English is required.

    P.S. If you need another French translator, I would be happy to help in my spare time. Please send me a direct message if you would like translation help. I will check my messages regularly.

  • I'm working on greek :)

  • I went through the Dutch translation (yesterday) and made a bunch on suggestions.

    Hopefully useful.

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    Thank you, @daveedvdv, @TheRogueBatcher and others.

    Please note, if you feel a particular set of translations is not up to standard / high quality enough please let me know and I will remove it from the app until it can be improved. I'd rather ship Codea with less languages but a higher quality translation than to have as many languages as possible

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    Hi !

    I was doing some translation (in French), when I noticed that in the index.html file, at the section "bluetooth keyboard shortcut", there were 2 "previous tab" shortcut !

    Could you fix this please ?

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    Thanks for letting me know, @RyZum. It's fixed now (the second one should have been "Next Tab").

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    Hi everyone

    I'm cleaning up the language support for Codea 2.0, some languages are partially translated, meaning that a few parts of the UI will remain in English — with most of it displaying in the selected language.

    How do people feel about this? Should I exclude any languages that are only partially translated from the 2.0 update?

    So far I have removed the following languages from the app:

    • Thai
    • Indonesian

    And I am considering removing (from the app, not from CrowdIn):

    • Japanese
    • Romanian
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    I would leave partial translations. Better to have some of it in the native language than none, no?

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    Although I speak four languages I hate partial translations! It just feels not serious. If one language is not translated 100% then I switch to the native anyway...

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    @se24vad thanks for the feedback, I'm generally in agreement — a partial translation could feel unpolished.

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    Hey! I could sure help translating into Norwegian, but I think I´d like to keep the english version myself. Would be a bit annoying to set the iPad for English every time I want to start up Codea .. is there no other way to choose language? :7

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    Hi. I come from Latvia and I'd like to translate Codea to latvian language. Can you add latvian?

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    Hello,I come form China and how I can search chinese version?

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    Do you have Ukrainian

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    @GriffinC why you don't use Russian? Our languages are same

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    Is the website down because I can't get it to load anymore D:

    EDIT: It seems like the link on the first post is offline but the project can still be found on

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    Sorry about that, we changed servers and didn't update the DNS records. works again

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    Hello @Simeon, I'm brazilian, I can help you translating to portuguese

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    @erickyamato that would be much appreciated, you can join the translation at

  • You're welcome @Simeon

  • Can you please create a translation project for Portuguese (Portugal)?
    You already have Portuguese, Brazilian but the two are quite different. Discerning Portuguese users, when given the option, end up using English versions of software instead. The system serves Portuguese, Brazilian if the Portuguese translation isn't available,even to devices localized to Portugal. I signed up just to work on a proper translation for users from Portugal. Believe me, it makes all the difference.

  • I think documentation translation is good and all, but perhaps you should give the option to translate the keywords and global variable names also. Just a suggestion.

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    @LuisCorrela I was unaware that Portuguese users were served Brazilian Portuguese when no localisation is available, that is quite disappointing. I have now added Portuguese to the translation site.

  • Only today had the opportunity to come back to the Portuguese translation. Starting work immediately, I will post updates in relevant fora.

  • Please add arabic translation

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    Working on Greek once again

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    Please! Add Russian language! Use your app to create games, but in the guide I don't find the translation of the explanations in Russian. :((

  • How I can dowloader the files in spanish please
    Como puedo descargar los archivos en español por favor

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    @iceman, ask me what you don't understand. I will translate it for you.

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    Before buying I would like to know whether this application to access your camera and microphone?

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    1) Ask in a topic
    2) Camera YES
    3) Microphone idc
    4) Buy befor Codea will be cheap!

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    Thanks, TokOut

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    It need "Pig Latin"

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    I've found some of the default English text in Codea to have a few spelling errors and be a bit grammatically incorrect. I was wondering, would it be possible to contribute toward the English translations as well as all the other langauges?

  • To Simeon:
    Im in germany and using codea my only problem is:

    ▪️I can't learn with englisch words

    Thats just my problem it's easy to write in english but just (I think)you need to change the languages where you learn

    (Sorry if i write something wrong)

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    You can ask me in a PM. I understand German.

  • What about ukrainian translation?
    I know several ukrainian users but there are a lot of them for sure.
    Though I know it might be not in priority.

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    I'm translating in Italian, not sure about green and blue progress bars.

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    @sabino I believe the green means the translation has been approved (though blue translations still get into the app).

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    Hi @Simeon, would you be interested in Vietnamese translation?

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    Is Codea translation project in suspended? I login in and when I try to see a language to translate (italian in my case) I got a warning message telling me that the project is suspended.

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