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Zoom out from a 2D Physics based scene

edited November 2012 in Questions Posts: 25

A question, which is not directly related to code I already have:
I' m still working on a 2D physics based game. It makes sense now, with higher scrolling speeds to zoom out or back up a bit to give the Gamer a wider view on the scene. Is that possible with the 3D tools perspective(), camera() etc? I.e., how to apply the z-coordinate to the physics components. Or do I have to do it in a completely different way?
Thanks for any hint or comment!
Ps. I hope this is of interest for others too ...


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    Could you not use scale(x, y, z) for this? It changes the size of all drawing operations.

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    There is a zoom library that works well, I've used it with 2D physics stuff.

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    I never used scale before, but it seems to work just the way I want and very easy too. Great hint!
    Thanks, Albrecht

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    Aciolino, I think I read about it in one of your other postings. Where can I find it?
    Thanks in advance!

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    I played around a bit and recognized that scaling with the scale() function works fine for me.
    Thanks again for the help you provided!

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