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Allow music to play whilst coding

edited December 2012 in Suggestions Posts: 1

It's a bit annoying that whenever I drop into Codea it stops my Rdio from playing. I don't want to code in silence. Any chance this could be an option in the settings?


  • Just simple when you are in codea, open multitasking menu and there run your music/radio... Codea verion 1.5 seems to doesn't stop your music when you run it. Stay tuned for update...

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 5,651

    .@RichLinnell I'll look at supporting this. At the moment Codea initialises its own sound engine (for sound effects generating in the editor and viewer) and seems to override the music playback. I hope we can allow both to run simultaneously.

  • Jmv38Jmv38 Mod
    Posts: 3,297

    .@cabernet i tried your trick with tuneinRadio, but doesnt work for me...

  • Start Codea. Go to home screen and start music player. Then switch to Codea using the multitask system (double click home button). Found it to work by accident. I like to listen to nice music when coding as well :-)

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
    Posts: 5,651

    .@macflyerdk thanks for posting that workaround! @RichLinnell can you let us know if that works for you (for now)?

  • It was not 100% correct what i wrote initially, because the music stops when switching between music player and Codea. The trick is to go to Codea and then double click the home button. Scroll to the left where the media player buttons recides. Use them and the go back to Codea using a single click on the home button. Sorry for not being clear enough. Re Peter

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