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    @Raist3d Keep in mind that Apple requires developers to pay a $99 yearly subscription, so if someone stops paying their apps will be de-listed within a year

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    @Raist3d the App Store requires that you pay the developer fee to list your app every year, most devs won’t make back the cost to keep their app on the store, i had a game made with Unity on the store for a couple years but nobody downloaded and played it so it wasn’t worth it to keep paying to keep the game up

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    @John/@Skar - thanks, that makes sense.

    So I bought Codea and tried a few of the demos. in particular I tried the Xcode export-> compile. Saw several issues:
    1- Some demo apps like brick out missed an assets folder with the "star" Icon it uses for the particle emitter. I bundled a different art asset and then it seemed to work. Any reason for this? Why is whatever global asset set not getting exported by default?
    2 - Saw several warnings about EAGL layers/open GL ES stuff deprecated. As we know Apple deprecated OpenGL and encourages the beginning of use of Metal- is Codea planning a port of what they do and use to use Metal?
    3 - Several demo apps exported in Xcode and built, but when running them on my iPad mini 6th gen (latest one), I saw that while the app itself didn't crash, its was the Codea environment/Lua that had an error and halted the app. Some thing being still nil when it expected a value- like for some reason the apps are not initializing properly.

    I would love to know what's the plan here. Reason I ask- I find very interesting Codea so far (reminds me of such environments from the past like BlitzBasic on the Amiga computer), having what seems to be a sensible library to do some things quick - but I just fear that Xcode -> build app path not quite working and having to dig through the layers of "what's really going on" - makes me wonder if it would be better to use Swift directly and whatever 2D things I need from the normal frame works in iOS.

    I would love to hear answers to these concerns, thanks in advance.

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    @Raist3d - welcome, used to use BlitzBasic a little. Didn't get proficient. I have struggled with Xcode, but never thought of compiling one of the demos. I'll give that a try. That looks like an excellent suggestion for a tutorial on Xcode - any volunteers?

    Version 4 is on the horizon - not sure what enhancements are involved but it does sound like a big step forward and hopefully Xcode integration would be made easier.
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    I just don't see how you can publish an app made with Codea to the App Store if you can't export to Xcode reliably and build it.

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    @Raist3d I'm also trying to export the Xcode project and build the app.There are some similar problems in this process.

    The good news is that the current version(3.5.3 [337]) can successfully compile to produce an app based on the mesh model. It works on simulators and real devices.

    The current version can also be successfully compiled to produce an app that uses the craft module.

    The Bad News is that the app that uses the craft module doesn't work properly, and the error message returned indicates that the craft module was not imported correctly. I have submitted a bug that should be resolved in a future release.

    It is also important to note that it is best to put the resource file in the folder in this project, so as to ensure that the compiled app will not have the problem of not finding the resource file

    Speaking of Swift, Apple's playground is now said to be able to submit apps directly within the playground App, without even having to be compiled by Xcode, everything just needs to be done on the iPad. But I haven't tried it. You can try it if you're interested.

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    In terms of the Xcode export issues, @Simeon has been maintaining that feature, but it does cause us a lot of headaches as issues arise almost every time Apple releases a new version of iOS. I think a lot them are related to assets not being where Codea expects them to be (or missing entirely). It’s probably something we should have working in general rather than being a focus for Codea 4

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    @John - thanks a lot for the transparency of that.
    Well if that’s the case I may as well dig in iOS swift direct. I love what I am seeing in Codea but if I can’t reliably publish to the AppStore - that’s a deal breaker for me.

    Codea looks fantastic but I am not sure how you distribute and share creations - free or profit- other than being like in this website and share sources direct or something.

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    @binaryblues - aware of that thought haven’t tried to see how flexible it is. AFAIK you can also get your projects on Xcode and build them further.

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