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Random Falling Items Help

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I am making a game on codea, and I want to add random falling items from the top of the screen, Please, any help is appreciated!



  • Jmv38Jmv38 Mod
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    Someone posted this some time ago (sorry pal, i didnt write your name in, just claim youself as the author)

    --Main supportedOrientations(PORTRAIT_ANY) function setup()     displayMode(FULLSCREEN)       objectTable = {}     lastGenerated = ElapsedTime     interval = 1     num = 1       table.insert(objectTable,Objects(math.random(1,WIDTH-1),math.random(1,4),num))     end function draw()        spriteMode(CENTER)     sprite("Cargo Bot:Opening Background",WIDTH/2,HEIGHT/2,WIDTH,HEIGHT)     pushStyle()     spriteMode(CENTER)     randomObjectGenerate()        popStyle()        end function randomObjectGenerate()     for k,v in pairs(objectTable) do          v:draw()         end     if ElapsedTime - lastGenerated > interval then         lastGenerated = ElapsedTime         num = num + 1         table.insert(objectTable,Objects(math.random(1,WIDTH-1),math.random(1,4),num))        end     for k,v in pairs(objectTable) do          if v.a.y < 0 or (v.a.x > WIDTH or v.a.x< 0) or == 0 then             table.remove(objectTable,k)             v.a:destroy()             v.a = nil             v=nil                    end                  end end --Objects Objects = class() function Objects:init(x,cat,id)     -- you can accept and set parameters here          self.a = physics.body(CIRCLE,20)     self.a.x = x     self.a.y = HEIGHT     self.a.gravityScale = 1     self.a.restitution = 0.0     self.a.interpolate = true     self.asleepingAllowed = true     self.flag = true     self.category = cat = {} = id      end function Objects:draw()     pushMatrix()     translate(self.a.x, self.a.y)     if self.category == 1 then         sprite("Cargo Bot:Condition Blue",0,0,50,50)     elseif self.category == 2 then         sprite("Cargo Bot:Condition Green",0,0,50,50)     elseif self.category == 3 then         sprite("Cargo Bot:Condition Red",0,0,50,50)     elseif self.category == 4 then         sprite("Cargo Bot:Condition Yellow",0,0,50,50)              end     popMatrix() end      function Objects:touched(touch)     -- Codea does not automatically call this method end

    And there is this excellent program from space monkey:

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    Thanks, but is it possible to add sprites to this and gravity to move the sprite to pick up the items? Anyone who helps will be credited.

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