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Shader lab - bindings

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I'm quite new to shaders. If i create a new shader by coping an existing one ( fragment and vertex), I can't create or edit the binding. How do you proceed?



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    Bindings show up when you have shader attributes (or is it uniforms?) in your vertex shader code.

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    Not working for me. If you copy for instance the swirl shader ( once the vertex and after the fragement) you should get the same bindings, but my biding panel remains empty. Very strange.
    Any ideas?

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    You have to actually make use of the new uniforms in your shader code before they show up. Otherwise the GLSL compiler optimizes them out, thinking they are unused.

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    Thanks, it's working fine now.

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    .@Simeon one other question on the bindings? Which p are the uniforms? Highp, mediump, or lowp?

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    Hello @MRQ. I believe that the precision of the uniforms is as you have defined them in your shader or the default precision where you have not defined them and a default exists. See section 4.5.3 'Default precision qualifiers' of the GLSL ES specification (available via the Codea Wiki).

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