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Keyboard(key) -- What is the "Return" key?

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I would like to hideKeyboard() when the user taps the keyboard's "return" key, but I can't find documentation for how it is defined by Codea. When I use print("Key pressed: " .. key) the output is just a blank new line in the console. Any suggestions?



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    I believe (iPad not with me at the moment) that RETURN is a pre-defined value.

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    Sorry, that was clear as mud. What I meant to say was, I think you can do...

    if key == RETURN then
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    Hello @matthew. The page on the wiki here may help.

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    Aha! Thanks guys! I was using quotes to wrap "RETURN" when it should not be in quotes because it is a pre-defined constant as you've both displayed. To add to this, I think while the current wiki is sufficient, it may be improved with a page for all of the pre-defined constants in one place. Like a reference for all the possible values of "key" in the Keyboard(key) callback function.

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    Hello @matthew. In respect of global variables used by the Codea API, the page on the Codea Wiki here may be of help.

  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
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    . @matthew Here is something I wrote long ago. It shows the decimal and hex values for the displayable keys, but also shows the values for special keys. What I mean by special key are the extra keys that show when you hold your finger for awhile on a key. For instance, hold your finger on "y u i o p". The are other keys that also do this. When you press return, it shows a decimal value of 10, but pressing backspace shows a value of nil. The return key uses the variable RETURN, and the backspace key uses BACKSPACE. Also, here is a list of Codea 1.5 functions, variables, and tables.

    -- Ascii chart and key values supportedOrientations(PORTRAIT) function setup()     displayMode(FULLSCREEN)     showKeyboard()     cval="char ="     dval="dec  ="     hval="hex  =" end function draw()     background(30,30,30)     textMode(CORNER)     text("ASCII CHART",200,950)     text("PRESS ANY KEY",600,950)     text(cval,600,900)     text(dval,600,850)     text(hval,600,800)     z=0     textMode(CENTER)     for y=1,16 do         for x=1,16 do             xx=20+x*30             yy=950-y*40             fill(255,0,0)             text(z,xx,yy)             fill(0,255,0)             text(string.char(z),xx,yy-20)             z = z + 1         end     end           -- re-show keyboard if hide keyboard key is pressed       if CurrentTouch.x > 650 and CurrentTouch.y < 100 then          showKeyboard()     end end function keyboard(key)     if string.byte(key) == nil then         cval="nil"         dval="nil"         hval="nil"         return     end              cval=string.format("char = %s",key)     dval=string.format("dec  = %3d",string.byte(key))     hval=string.format("hex  = %02X",string.byte(key)) end
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