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edited May 2013 in General Posts: 521

Hi, I'm trying to link the runtime with OpenCV, but have some compilation issues.

I'm getting "duplicate symbol" since the file surf.o is included twice. Any idea where the other reference is to it, and any idea how to solve. Maybe I need to put some time in compiling OpenCV myself instead of trying to use their precompiled version, but would be nice to not have to.


  • Posts: 521

    Never mind, I solved it with some magic library command line tools. :)

    This is what I did if someone else runs into a similar problem. I removed surf.o from the i386 and armv7 versions of the opencv2 library.

      lipo -thin armv7 opencv2 -o opencv2-armv7
      lipo -thin i386 opencv2 -o opencv2-i386
      ar -d opencv2-i386 surf.o
      ar -d opencv2-armv7 surf.o
      lipo -create opencv2-armv7 opencv2-i386 -o opencv2
      rm opencv2-*
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