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FAQ - Please Read

SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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Hi Everyone, welcome to the discussion.

Have a question? Check if it's answered here first. You may be able to save yourself some time.

How should I word my posts?

When posting a question, be as specific as possible in your subject. For example, don't write:

"I need help!"

Instead write:

"How do I do X?" (where X is what you are interested in learning)

Please search the forum for answers before you post a question. Please do NOT use ALL-CAPS or other emphasis in your post subjects.

I'm new to programming, where can I get some help?

Here are some links for starting out:

Codea Wiki -

Cool Codea - by @Ignatz

Codea Tutorial Site - by @Reefwing

Lua Tutorial -

Programming in Lua -

How do I type code into the forums?

Use three tilde (~) characters at the start and end of your code block. So it looks like this:


Your code


An alternative is to use pre tags. If you add the attribute lang="lua" you get nice syntax highlighting (for those with javascript turned on):

function Stuff:init(t)
    self.something = t.something

Can Codea make iPad Apps for the App Store?

Yes! You can use the Codea Runtime Library to build your project as a native iOS app. You can find it here: (You must have Xcode and an active iOS Developer enrolment.)

Where can I submit bug reports?

Please use the issue tracker here:

How can I share my code?

We can't provide built-in options for this, but several clever forum members have developed great tools for importing and exporting projects.

Gister — Publish and import Gists

Gitty — Clone, Commit, and Push to an entire GitHub repo

Gist Loader by @Codeslinger

Note that these tools require 1.5 or later.

Can I import my own sprites?

Yes, you can import sprites via Dropbox, your Photo Library or the pasteboard. Open the Sprite Picker and tap on the "Documents" folder to get access to the import options.

Can I draw text on the screen?

You can use the new text function in 1.3

-- Text functions
text( "string", x, y )
fontSize( size )
w,h = textSize("string")

Text will take its coloring from the current fill color.

Can I share projects or get them off my iPad?

Sharing functionality was removed as of version 1.2.7 at the request of Apple. We hope to have it back in as soon as possible. Previously you were able to touch and hold one of your projects to send it by email. And could open projects by tapping "project.codea" files in your browser or in Mail.

You can also copy and paste them, or use a free tool like iExplorer to download and upload projects into Codea:

Help! My project is rendering graphics from another project

Please make sure you call background(0,0,0) at the start of your draw function. This will set the background color to black, you can change it to a color of your choice.

Codea corrupts my code. What's going on?

Please go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility on your iPad and make sure the "Triple-Click Home" option is set to "OFF." There appears to be a bug with Apple's UITextView that causes input to be incorrectly reported when this accessibility option is set to "Voice Over" or "Ask."

Will there be an iPhone version of Codea?

Yes, we're working on it.

Will there be an Android version of Codea?

There are no plans at the moment to build an Android version. We hope someone attempts this when we start open sourcing the backend of Codea.

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