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Codea for RPGs

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Considering downloading--interested in what people think about Codea for developing basic FF-esqe RPGs. New to developing and interested in making very basic story-based games. I don't see any Codea examples with text clouds or NPC interaction or open 'levels'. Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


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    Would love to see one. Good way to bring young people to Codea -- especially, if its publicly documented.

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    There nothing out of the box, but some of the examples in the forum will help. Tiled editor exports to lua. Tonight I will see if I can post my parser for my tile map project.

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    Just a matter of making it happen. I posted the basics of my little Rogue-like "Endless" some time ago, but never got around to finishing it (I guess it's the development that truly endless). But it would be fun to get back to something along those lines.

    I'm spending too much Codea time doing non-game things, darn it.

  • Whoops--sorry I completely missed endless. That's about what I was looking for. Looks great. @Mark

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    Codea is definitely for RPGs, There's never been a better match for RPGs then LUA & Box2D physics, The only problem is that box2D doesn't support water physics, And you might have to include joints for bridges and stuff like that! :)

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    Check this out if you are interested in making classic style 2D RPGs.

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