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Codea Competition: Survival games

edited May 2013 in General Posts: 2,820

There has been a microscopic ammount of interest in a Codea Competition, so I thought it wouldn't hurt to host one. Here we go:
Theme: Survival games
Make a game where the player has to last as long as possible without loosing or dying. Some examples of these are Jet Pack Joy Ride, Snake, Missile Defense, Crabitron, etc. Some Codea-made examples are TouchLine and Big Bigger, which could be entered into the competition.
• I suggest that the game has a start, game, and loosing screen.
• Make it look pretty. A large part of what makes a game good is its effects and graphics. 3D is even better.
• Please do not copy other games exactly. If you aren't inspired, give the game concept a new twist.
• The game shouldn't crash.
• The game should either be locked to one orientation, or resize in landscape and portrait orientation.
• The game should look or be complete.
• You may work with others, just let me know who else you worked with.
• Feel free to make a development thread. People love to see what others are working on.
• Enter your entry by June 7. I will release my verdict and feedback on all the code and give away the prizes on June 10.

How to enter:
There are a few ways to enter your app.
1. If your app is already on the App Store and is free, then give me a link to it.
2. If you app is on the App Store and is paid, send me a redemption code for it.
3. If you have the code for your game, but it isn't on the App Store, then you can email the code to zoyt12 (at) gmail (dot) com.
4. You can also send me a private message to me with the code in it or a conversation thread with the code in it.
If you have the game in code form, please send me the name of the game.

I will post the name of the game and the creator here when I get some entries.

$20 at
2 weeks of ad space at

Please throw in a little something for prizes. It could be anything worthwhile, wether it's a snippet of code or a redemption code for your app. PM me anything you would be willing to throw in.

Thanks, and good luck!


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    Sounds fun! I'll try give it a shot :)

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    @Jordan - Thanks!

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    @Zoyt hallo, I am working on a simple boardgame for the competition, but it is not simple I get something strange Codea stops/ freeze and i have to restart Codea 2 times to get it running again. If it is not a mistake of me then it is maybe an bug in codea. I use a menu structure base on your idea:-) every scene on its one works fine but, when I connect them, it goes wrong. Can I send the source to you for a second opinion? The game is to show how to use a menustructure and not for selling.
    I hope you can help-:)

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    @Dreamdancer - I'd be happy to help. Just email or PM me the code. Thanks!

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    i will send it to your gmail adres and some explenation what the scenes do.
    I will send it tomorrow, have to cleanup the code a bit. Do you only want the lua files or the total codea directory of the game in a zip?

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    @Zoyt, do boardgames count for this competition?

  • BriarfoxBriarfox Mod
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    @Zoyt I'd like to see more of a game in a weekend type competition where we do not know the theme until the day of. It can end up with some pretty unique and silly games do to the time constraints. But I really like the competition idea. I'll see if I can throw something together!

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    @Dreamdancer - It really doesn't matter.
    @JakAttack - It's very borderline, but I'll accept it.
    @Briarfox - I pondered that idea, but my goal is for people to get inspired to make something.
    If anyone has anything to contribute to the prizes, that's be great. Thanks!

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    I'll throw in some ad space for 2 weeks & 20$ voucher

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    To be clear. What I have send to zoyt is not for the competition. It is not even close to a survival game. I have some ideas for a game like that. But first I need to understand Codea better what is possible what are the bounderies, I have now something that crashes Codea, I like to know, is it a bug or a unclear boundery of Codea or do I have to change my way of coding. Maybe can I catch this problem in a tutorial for other users If there is a solution for it. I wish everybody in this competition succes an happy coding. -:)

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    @Dreamdancer - If Codea closes all together, it's probably a Codea issue. Send me the code and I'll help if you like.

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    @zoyt I have send the code to your gmail adres at noon(my time gmt+2)

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    @zoyt : did you had the time to look at the code?

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    @Dreamdancer - Sorry, I haven't had time. I will in a few hours. Sorry about that.

  • SimeonSimeon Admin Mod
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    Here's my entry so far:

    Been writing it in my spare moments. I'll post the code as soon as I come up with the asset for the main character.

  • BriarfoxBriarfox Mod
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    @Simeon Very cool!

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    @Simeon - Looks very interesting. I love the blood effect. Looking forward to it!

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    Well... It looks like I didn't get any entries. That's disappointing. Would you like me to extend the deadline, now that it's summer time?

  • BriarfoxBriarfox Mod
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    Sorry @Zoyt I just got back from vacation and haven't had time to work on my project.

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    @Briarfox - It's fine. Don't feel like you have to do this.

  • BriarfoxBriarfox Mod
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    I want to :)

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    @Simeon - What happened to your little submission, out of curiosity/

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    @Zoyt I think it's an excellent idea but very challenging. You're looking for complete games - I'd hazard a guess that loads of people on this forum would love to be in a position to upload a game to the apple store but due to circumstances (lack of time, inability to create good graphics, lack of programming knowledge) are unable to. I like your reasoning, but I reckon if people have a program that's good to go on the apple store then this would be reason enough (rather than needing a competition here).

    Perhaps a simpler, more constrained contest would drum up more interest. Something along the lines of: Create a clone of the lander game ( To make it as accessible as possible you could provide some basic graphics (though people are free to use their own) to use as "I'm crap at drawing" tends to be a barrier to people programming games. I'm hazarding a guess that a reasonably competent programmer could throw together a version in a few hours, particularly if provided with the graphical assets. Beginner programmers may take longer, but a discussion thread on the various aspects ( how to get user input, how to draw the sprite) could assist.

    Having said all that, and if there is renewed interest in the original competition I'll put forward my side scroller tutorial game
    The second version in the thread with the bonuses and weather

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    @West - Thanks for the feedback. I was loosely following the rules of TTL's one competition. I'll make this not really a strict competition, but more of just any game related to lasting as long as possible. My goal for this was to inspire more code with Codea, and, in my opinion, when you are restricted to rules, it's not as fun.

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    None of my prototypes are survival games, but nice idea initiative. Maybe you would get more submissions if you were only to show a game idea with code, but not a complete game. But of course, you select the rules. :)

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