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Checking variables in a class from a class

edited June 2013 in General Posts: 106

If i for example create a Player class and then create a Animal class and from the Animal class i want to check a variable in the Player class. The variable in the Player class would be called: "self.animal". So how to i from the Animal class check if the variable is true or not?


  • dave1707dave1707 Mod
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    Not sure if this is exactly what you're after.

    function setup()     a1=aa(100)    -- a1 instance of aa setting val to 100     a2=aa(200)    -- a2 instance of aa setting val to 200     b1=bb()       -- b1 instance of bb     b2=bb()       -- b2 instance of bb     print(b1:getVal(a1))  -- get value of a1 self.val from b1     print(b2:getVal(a2))  -- get value of a2 self.val from b2 end aa=class() function aa:init(v)     self.val=v end bb=class() function bb:init() end function bb:getVal(xx)     return xx.val end
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    Well... i am not so sure about return things and so, but i have found another way to check variables. You set the variables on "function player:setup()" and then in the Animal class you write:


    function Animal:setup()
    if self.animal== true then

    and so on...

    If you do this way you need to change the variables from self.animal to self.player.animal to sort things out. Thanks for answering anyway!

  • IgnatzIgnatz Mod
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    @MMGames - the way you check variables in another class is quite simple

    if you wrote


    and there is a property "self.score" in the Player class, then you can check its value for p with

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    @Ignatz - Thanks, got it now

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