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    @Codeartist what is your version (ios6 or 7)?

  • Well today I'm using aircode... and I don't experience any problems, so sorry I don't know what's wrong

  • @Luisma
    I seem to have found the problem.
    Although the WLAN indicator on the iPad was set and in the settings it said the ipad was connected to the wlan. It actually wasn't !! At least when I tried to open a page with safari, it was taking forever to do nothing.
    So, I turned airplane mode on and then off again. And now it works.
    Thanks again for your speed reply.

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    @se24vad: I got the same issue when using Safari on Mavericks. However, this does not happen under Chrome.

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    @MoNuS thanks, I'll try out... maybe this is a javascript bug in Safari.

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    How do you access the rest of the tabs within a project. they dont seem to want to scroll left like you would expect. I will play iwth it some more.

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    @Dwight if you're on windows.
    Just press shift and scroll

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    Sorry. I meant the tabs dont move... If you have more tabs than can fit across the top of the screen how do you get to the rest of them?


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    I was able to hold control and scroll. Then the page zoomed way out and then I could click on the tiny tab then Ctrl Scroll back to the correct zoom level.

    its not a bad work around.

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